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Raasleela follows sustainability as a lifestyle by repairing, conserving and consuming less.

Every design, material, and the course is chosen thoughtfully that serves as a purpose rather than making “JUST BEAUTIFUL” products.

Raasleela focuses on making a difference – in consuming resources, in reviving crafts, in providing an inclusive growth to people who are connected with the brand.

You see, Raasleela doesn’t design its products on the basis of trends, or how it’s going to look like but rather on how it’s going to make a change.


Read on more about the label that is based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat to know



As you might be aware that, the fashion and textile industry is the second largest industry which is responsible for water pollution

That emission from chemical dyes causes too much damage to the environment. Even natural dyes are not completely eco-friendly as it consumes a lot of water. Also, it bleeds and fades away too quickly.

To not to be part of these anti-environment contributors, Raasleela uses raw kora cotton fabric as it is most beautiful in its purest and natural form. 

And to be honest, Kora cotton fabrics are completely unprocessed and guilt-free. So why not!


Do you know that about 3/5th of the clothing produced every year ends up in landfills within a year of being made? That’s about 3 complete wardrobes of people in the family of five, going to the garbage.  

About 15% of fabric intended for clothing ends up on the cutting room floor. This waste rate has been tolerated industry-wide for decades. ( Timo Rissanen, 2015).

A recent Pulse of the Fashion Industry report stated that fashion generates 4% of the world's waste each year, 92 million tons, which is more than toxic e-waste. A lot of that comes from off-cuts (remnants)

With our core in the zero waste philosophy and the everlasting sense of style and utility, we believe in pre-planning of design and process, so that there is less wastage, to begin with.

For this we use

Even the smallest remnants from our atelier,

Source yardage ends from stores,

Cutting wastes from other ateliers,

Manufacturing samples and

Damaged and defected fabrics.

To make the best use in the most creative manner.  We believe that not even the shred of our packaging should find itself in the landfills any time soon. 


Hey! have you ever noticed that your wardrobe is filled with clothes that you don’t even wear, the reason being

They are out of fashion trend,

Bought for a particular occasion and never got a chance to repeat it,

Impulsive buying because it was cheap or was on sale.

“People are unaware of the amount of clothing they throw away because, in general, they don’t fully understand how much they are consuming and the amount of natural resources that go into making new clothing,” Tony Shumpert, Savers vice president of recycling and reuse.

A recent survey conducted by the World Wear Project, it was found that an average person discards around 32- 37 kg of clothes annually.  Which results in the production of greenhouse gases.

Raasleela is a solution-driven brand. If we see a problem that can be solved or at least reduced and made better we do it. We strongly believe that a person should invest their time and money in something which is evergreen. Something that elevates their personal style.

Raasleela makes your wardrobe-

Unique but simple,

Simple but beautiful,

Beautiful but evergreen.


Have you ever seen two butterflies exactly the same?


Well, that’s the beauty.

NOTHING IS PERFECT or exactly the same when created naturally.  We believe that any handcraft is a very individual and personal expression of each artisan. Therefore it product is special and one of its kind.

We celebrate imperfections and reject nothing! This is our biggest hurdle and strength. We take defect as a characteristic and take it up in stride.

For e.g. even if the handwoven fabric has a flaw, we literally repair it and take pride in saying that it is repaired. Even if there is a flaw in embellishment we don’t let it go.

After all same stitch of each artisan is different and the same stitch of the same artisan could be different too! We don’t want it to be the same anyway!

100% hand-stitched

“Ever wondered how the garments were made before sewing machines?”

Heard stories from your grandma and great-grandma about how they used to create their own clothes. And imagined how beautiful and precious each piece would have been?

Well, you would be happy to know that every embellishment, every seam, every piece of ours is completely hand-stitched. And thus is unique in its own way.

It is a token of pride for our brand to create such products that revive and rejuvenate this beautiful craft that has been forgotten.

After all wouldn’t you like to brag that the piece you own has taken many days to be created just for you?

And that your investment is contributing in the revival of crafts and providing employment to skilled women artisans.


“Who runs the world...GIRLS”

RAASLEELA is an all-women brand; from the head designer to the artisan. It defines itself as ‘A Happy Family’.

 Where equality among the designers creativity and artisans skills is cherished.

  Where fair wages and ethical production practices are of at most importance.

Where flexible working hours allow the employees to work efficiently without burden.

Where providing work to the home-based women artisans all across Gujarat gives us happiness.

We believe that work in itself should be an experience of rejoicing and not just a means to earn a living.

Know more about the people who work earnestly to stitch dreams..,


HETAL SHRIVASTAV, 33 (Founder and Designer)

Born and brought up in Gandhinagar in Gujarat, Hetal grew up in an environment where traditions were genuinely valued, things were upcycled if they stopped functioning and dignity of work prevailed. Winning an award for the “Best use of traditional skills into contemporary styling” in the last year of her graduation in the NIFT Gandhinagar course served to be a stepping stone in the right direction. 

Hetal started Raasleela in 2012. She made the garments herself as getting them stitched was expensive having very little funds. After strenuous hours spent on doing that, she gave up. Not on the garments, but on the machine. She stitched every piece of a garment by hand and this is how it still functions. Skeptical about the success of this process at first, the artisans they collaborated with, later on, took pride in making the garments. “I have made this entirely by myself is what Hansaben, with whom we made our first collection, had said with such pride and power that it made me realize what I wanted to do”, says Hetal.


Dilshad Banu Sheikh, 55 years (sample maker)

Dilshaad Banu, young at heart, jovial, happy-go-lucky lady, keeps everyone amazed at her trims and finishes. Despite facing personal struggles, she always exudes positivity, keeping us all inspired and strong.

 “I got married to life to my childhood sweetheart, who I lost 5 years ago. Coming out strong, I knew I had to get independent. I told my daughter to not hesitate on asking me for anything that she needed. I started working after a year of death. It’s been a year that I have been a part of RaasLeela now, and it has been the most positive highlight for me because the culture here revived me emotionally. Here, prayers are part of every morning. Be it parties for birthdays, festivals or small achievements; everything is celebrated which makes me forget the difficulties and makes my life worth living!”

Tarulatta Makwana, 41years

Meet Tarulata, the head of the sampling team. Adept at garment part assembly, and working with people, she is at the heart of Raas Leela. 

“My journey of doing something for myself began three years post my second divorce. I used to work from home, almost like a robot, doing the same things every single day until I came to RaasLeela. Now as a maker, in two years, I’m leading all the makers! Right from being part of exhibitions, interacting with the consumers directly, to knowing the true value of the skills I possess, teaching my skills to college students in a workshop to traveling in an airplane, it has been a fulfilling expedition of hope and motivation. While currently, I live with my parents and I aspire to build my own house one day!”

Laxmiben Bhadru, 55 (surface developer)

Laxmiben is the senior-most maker at the atelier. She is very perceptive and warm. With more than 60 years of experience in appliqué, patchwork, and embroidery, her hands move intuitively. An eager capability to grasp new techniques and an enviable stamina, she gives us a run for our capabilities.

 “My husband was addicted to alcohol, and my son got murdered at the age of 29 for a political mishap. I raised my children and my grandchildren with my handcraft skills but from home. I didn’t know about the world until I came here to RaasLeela. A home outside my house, I feel like I have a caring family here who takes care of me, and most importantly, respect me.”

Sonaben Kodi, 53 (sample maker)

Sonaben is a cheerful woman who brings life to our atelier. She exudes confidence in everything that she does and is adept in embroidering with interlaced stitches or bawaliyo, a skill that is becoming rarer by the day. Come over to the studio for some great tea brewed by her!

“RaasLeela is a home for me. Right from making Chai (Tea) to welcoming Mehmaan (Guests), I love doing everything like a mother here! I feel strong enough here, to tell my husband in times of difficulty, that Swami, I am there, do not worry!”



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